Claytron verson 2.0 (slickidiot) wrote in sphideandgoseak,
Claytron verson 2.0

Hide and go seek fun.

It would be hard to have hide and go seak with only four members (including jewish jerry) covering the whole park... buit it can be done.
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10 points for you for dubbing someone "jewish jerry"'re awesome.
*blushes* Thanks! I think your pretty swell also. jewish jerry has kind of stuck with the poor guy for nearly 4 years now (poor guy because most of my friends tourment him.. but I protect him with my He-man muscles).
by the way, I love the user name. %^D
ha, "he-man muscles" sound like someone i know. i wish i had a jewish jerry all my own. thanks, i like my user name, too...willy wonka is the man.