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sphideandgoseak's Journal

Smith Park Hide and Go Seak Club
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Has your everyday normal brand of hide and go seak (spelled wrong on purpose... mostly because I am illiterate... but thats besides the fucking point... *points at m16 strapped to chest* yeah, now what... fucker) grown TIRING and BORING??? Do you want something exciting, adventurous, and packed full of good ole' wholesome fun to help you forget about your meager existance??? Well, "IT" has finally come (and IT's not those damned communist hydro-scooters)... The new "IT" that has everybody in an uproar is the new craze, Smith Park Hide and Go Seak!!! Yes, you heard correctly, folks!! Not only can you enjoy all the seaking.... but the hiding as well!!! And at a local Smith Park near you!!!

Ok, here's the deal. Smith Park Hide and Go Seak covers the entire terrain of the park.... you can hide anywhere, I said, ANYWHERE in the whole park. The SEAKERS(s) (plural... Counts on how many people play) stands at THE BASE(the dock) and SLOWLY counts to any random number that we think of at the moment. After screaming, "Ready or not, here I come," he searches the park frantically for the other players. In order to get the HIDERS, the SEAKER must tag them. The HIDERS are safe, once they are standing inside the BASE... if the HIDERS leave the BASE, its open game SEAKERS. Hiding in the skate park is PERMITED. Night games WILL exist. Enjoy.

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